Experimental Films

Experimental Films

These pieces are textural and environmental, using electronic AV tech as a means of production.

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Experimental Films
  • A Few Laughed

    “A FEW LAUGHED” is a short film that honors the 23 Japanese sailors and fishermen irradiated by the 1954 Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb test. It was made as a contribution to the Lucky Dragon 5 event at Tokyo's Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall. Performance by Takemi Kitamura, Costume by Nobuko Tsur...

  • Fall Into Pain - Conscious Summary

    Conscious Summary "Fall Into Pain"
    Directed by Samur Khouja

  • Blackout/Fugue - Verge Bliss

    A servitor created through journey as an escape to new horizons. Originally sold on the 2016 Dendera Bloodbath east coast tour.

  • Bells Du Jour

    "Bells Du Jour" is a short film directed by Cecilia Miniucchi and Carl Berg. Cecilia studied with Fellini, and you can see wry surrealism in her work.

  • Verhalten - It Is These Inconsistencies In Language...

    VERHALTEN - It Is These Inconsistencies In Language That Assist In The Formation Of Discernible Patterns (excerpt) Each person was asked to write a sentence of a differing number of words based on the idea of being misheard, misunderstood or not listened to. The number of words was based on the a...

  • univac "dream"


    This was created for One Track Mine session #11 - October 8, 2016. One Track Mine is an itinerant collective of super art-nerds—musicians, visualists, photographers, graphic designers, and all the other arts—who get together to share what new projects they’re working on.

    Visuals by...

  • Subterranea

    Subterranea (2017) is the filmmaker's memorial video to his long-time musical collaborator Steven M. Miller. It reflects themes the two continued to explore throughout their nearly 30 years together including nature, love, and the unexpected surprises of creating art.