Warlords of Waal

Warlords of Waal

8 Episodes

Warlords of Waal concerns the absurd misadventures of intergalactic miscreants Constance Kirby and machine elf Puck. Starring Christina Evans. Directed by Patrick Paax.

Warlords of Waal
  • 1. Delta Key

    Episode 2

    In the far reaches of space, intergalactic miscreants Constance and Puck
    attempt to steal a Delta Key from a sleeping Titan Ship.

  • 2. Arrival_ Part 1

    Episode 3

    Constance & Puck exit the Delta-Gate on the Planet Waal. This episode features the classic Jazz track "Mad Dog" 1926. This is a two-part episode!

  • 3. Arrival - Part 2

    Captured by the security Thralls, Constance & Puck are taken to the Central Complex of Thrall City for assessment and distribution.

  • 5. Vexed

    The Queen Controller of Thrall City meets with the Cosmic Warlord Nada. Then Blecka and Toby spy on our heroes with the Teklavision Monitor System.

  • 6. Execution Zone

    Episode 8

    Constance and Puck are captured by Thralls and taken to Execution Zone 16. There's a monster fight scene. Oh snap!

  • 7. Carnivorous Life Forms

    Episode 7

    Constance & Puck battle savage Waalfish as they journey to the Realm of the Overlords. Starring Christina Evans as Constance Kirby and Patrick Paax as Puck, guest star Jobeth Wagner as Blecka.

  • 8. Overlords of Waal

    Episode 6

    In the spider cube the Overlords of Waal bargain for the delicacies of Constance & Puck!